Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sometimes reality is just so perfectly funny

So, I heard a funny story today. Comical. Something that really happened that seemed like it should have come out of a Romantic Comedy.

So, y'know how Iowa just legalized gay marriage, right? Well, like a thousand and a half couples went out and got marriage licenses, but you have to wait 72 hours, or something, before you can get married. The courts decided to make it longer because they didn't want a thousand and a half couples trying to get married three days later. Makes sense, right?

Well, one of my aunt's friends, Ricky, works for the court system, and apparently you can get a bye from a judge if you want to get married before the waiting period is up. So she grabbed this couple that she is friends with and took them to the courthouse and they got a bye. But the judge couldn't perform the ceremony because of an upcoming trial and several hundred depositions.

So, Ricky goes, "oh, okay," and decides to take them to her Synagogue. So, on the way over, she calls the Des Moines Register, the local newspaper. So the couple and Ricky and the press go over to the Synagogue. But the rabbi isn't there. Eventually he shows up though. But he can't perform the ceremony either, because neither of the men in this couple is Jewish.

So, Ricky goes, "oh, yeah, duh," and decides to take them to this Unitarian minister that she knows. So this time she calls him up before they head over. He was at his house, painting. So he's like, "yeah, sure." So the minister de-paintifies himself, and Ricky, the couple, and the press all troupe over to the minister's house. And he performs the ceremony and they all live happily ever after.

Except for the rabbi. People started yelling at him because he didn't marry the couple because they didn't realize that neither of the two men were Jewish, and he just couldn't.

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  1. I only heard the tail end of this story, but hearing it now, it cracks me up!

    PS- "Rabeye" isn't like "ribeye"; it's spelled rabbi. ;)